Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unreality Studio's First Game

Well right now I'm working on my first game. It's going to be fairly simplistic. I have a massive side project that I'll probably need help on. Right now I'm using Gamer Maker Pro which is really excellent.The UI is very intuitive and at first there's little language needed to learn but it does have it's own language. I'm also learning flash and trying to learn C. I would love to know if anyone out there could give me good sources to better learn this material (the flash and C programming) and I can definitely give links to get Game Maker it is free (the Pro edition costs money but it's definitely worth it). Be expecting the first game shortly, I'll have demos up of the tutorial games I've been making if anyone's interested.

In other news my life is starting to come together a little better. My fiancee is out of the situation she was in and we're planning to get married soon. We're both looking at college in the fall and to get out of this state. If anyone could send support either like I said educational tools to help me learn the coding or could donate money or leave emotional support that would be great. Oh and following me would be nice to I'll do the same for you hahaha. All right guys I'll have some more updates on the game development stuff soon.

Oh and if you're interested in working for my production team just leave a message in the comments!


  1. Good luck with your game! Do post the tutorials.

  2. Best of luck with ur game, i would also want to se the tut!

  3. Will do, the tutorial games have been rather easy with Game Maker I'll post the two tutorial games I've created so far later along with a link to Game Maker.Along with the concept and design of the first game I'm making which will be as I said quite a simple game. But if anyone knows any good books or videos for C or Flash I'd love to hear about them (tried shootorial at Kongregate, it's an outdated version of flash they use so it's a litle difficult to use).