Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is important please sign up at it is a legit way to make free money. Once you sign up send it to you friends and money will start pouring in. I know I've made quite a bit. Secondly check out my Kate's new deviantart at it would be much appreciated. Also if nayone has money they could donate I am desperate need of some funds, not worries if you can't it would be appreciated though.

Hey everyone I know I've been busy. Life you know? In other news I am not getting money from google ad sense, they feel as though this is a scam, well screw them. In other news I'm working on an album believe it or not. Lyrics are done, not just to get everything down. In more pressing matter, well there aren't any. Just living life and hoping to relaunch all this soon. Only time will tlel. Thanks for checking this out guys. Hopefully I will not be a stranger much longer. By the way use this image to advertise for you superpoint account, I wold not be selling it like this if it didn't work. Believe you me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Update Worthy of a jabberwock

So here we are yet once again. I just finished school with a 3.0 GPA for my first semester. I'm working non stop. I am also dealing with some deep seeded mental and emotional issues. That doesn't mean that Unreality Productions doesn't exist. Kenny is really into Jackpot, I jsut lost my memory card so I can't film any episodes right now. Kate loves doing As Is and we want to work together on a different advice column later. Kenny will laso be posting reviews of video games eventually. Let's just let Christmas pass and let me see what sthe next semester will be like. Just expect a lot more form us ok? If you have a show you have been taping or want to tape let me know. I can edit and piece it together. Of course certain credits would go to Unreality Productions. We're the little guys and we want to help out the other little guys out, that's how this works. So let me know about nay details about things you might be working on. I don't care just let me know. Hopefully we'll be having two to three shows a week depending on time. In the meant time here's some poetry I just worte, it sucks but whatevs. Keep checking out on us and any donations will be greatly appreciated! Also if you would just be generous enough to check out Kate's deviantart page  that would be incredible. Thanks guys and keep with us. Nnow's the time to join in before Kate, Kenny, and I really start running things so get back to us asap!

Panic attack
Kate cooling me down with medication and stoking me
No memories of the events
So much in my mind
It’s quite now at least. Slight hallucations’
God I just my mind would slow down and focus.
Kate I love you
Everything to me no matter foolish notion in your head
Out of it
Nodding off
Listen to Kate read. It makes me feel com and smooth
I feel like I still have so much to say
What if I have a nether clarity or success
How do you even define it
As long as I get over my emotional boundaries
Kate and I will have a relationship compared that of the dear love “Anabelle Lee”
I want to know much happiness and she can ggive I to

A town filled with unnatural snow
A mist causes a loss of perception
Dealing with the darkness and hallucinations in my mind
The siren rings
There’s a heavy convulsion
Darkness overwhelms
Centralia calls
Many mysic places
With much history
A normal tourist could go
Not experience a goddamn thing
Celebration is my Silent Hill
Kate please don’t be my Mary
And I won’t be your James
Your sickness I can handle
But I fear
Is mine too much for you?
I might now hear sirens
Yet it starts with small auditory messes
That led to visual turmoil
Kate grips my hand
My mind short circuited
Singing songs and whispering non sensible phrases
For all I’m aware I rewrote the Jabberwock
So much self guilt
No wonder pyramid head is there
Yet I do no miss the seal of metatron
For the darkness inside is towards me
It kills me when it comes out onto others
Guilt and shame will haunt me for the rest of my days 
Over the nightmare realm you’ve been in
So take my hand
And together we can escape this place
And the demons hiding within people
Both lost leaving clues inside our minds
Our delusionary hell
Are you truly there?
Or am I just on a wild goose chase?
I can take some comfort in knowing
The demons and monsters I created
I can handle
It’s the fear of losing you
That slows me to remember the darkness
No more overwhelming
Day by day
Talk by talk
Who am I
To let things just be
I don’t know what my future may hold
But I refuse to wait for destiny
So nightmare realm
I feel stronger with Kate
So let the sirens blow
I can carry us both to the finish
And once our time in this heel is over
We shall ascend the hotel stairs
Laden with fire
And I’ll take you by the hand
And I’ll set us free

My mind might be an epic battle
Of light versus dark
Yet I don’t fear my heart
Purity comes from there
And I will always remain true to it
Not searching for a quick solution
No need to fight
Unless I must sacrifice
My well being
To protect you and destroy
All the obstacles in our way
Speaking overloads me
I want to keep up
Yet I can’t.
I drift away, unless on pills
Then I’m just drifting differently
That’s why I need my TV and Video Games
A comfort zone
That must be destroyed
So I’m no longer stagnant
Will I experience tonight again?
Not am I
Neither should you
So long as you take me hand
And you trust me
We’ll escape

Friday, December 2, 2011

Join the Team!

Hello everyone. It's been quite some time I know, between work and school I'm doing what I can. Unreality Studios is not dead just on a longer hiatus then previously thought... plus my camera died. With that being said I'm requesting three major things.

1. If you can donate money to Unreality Studios (see the paypal donate button to the side) I will work something out where either you get credit or earn profit from whatever Unreality Studios produces. Here is a minimum list of things we need.

A. Camera
B. Audio Equipment
C. Lighting
D. A Better Computer To Work on

2. Anyone in the Central Florida area who wants to work professionally on our projects.
3. Anyone anywhere willing to help develop and/or design video games.

With my time budgeted very tightly I could definitely use some assistance both work wise and financially. Like I said I will work out either giving partnership, money, credit, or whatever it may be. There are many ideas that just need to be implemented and with your help Unreality Productions is destined to be the next big name in gaming and web entertainment. Any amount will be appreciated and I will as well save any and all expenses along with receipts. So anyone wanting to help or join the current team (Kate, Kenny, and of course myself and any others who wishes to join us) would be amazing. Feel free to leave any questions. Thanks guys and the next episode of Jackpot along with As Is and a new series we are working on will air on youtube soon enough. Look forward to it I know I will. Thanks guys.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Unreality Studios Direction

So today I had a meeting with the manager/owner of a video game store that sells old school video games and systems (check them out ). Jackpot might move there to it's location and we're developing new shows. We're also going to work with them on potential advertising and such. Otherwise things have been slow, with school and work and starting a Pokemon League I've had my hands full, but expect great things from us. I'll also be starting a webcomic as I stated that will be hosted on this page (until we have a full website anyway). So just keep up with us guys and feel free to e-mail us if you want to work on projects or have ideas and want to work with us and our production team. That's it. Later.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Support for Video Contest and Artist Wanted

So I'm working on a couple projects right now. First and foremost is a video for a contest for school. If I win I get free tuition. My work on the video is all most done and it will be posted on facebook. Voting for it starts on the 24th of this month. So Please make sure to vote for it. I'll give you more details as time goes on. Secondly I'm working on a script for a comic and I need someone to help draw. Preferably manga style. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this please comment and let me know. That's what I got. I'm currently working on yet another short story so we'll see how that goes. Later.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Teen Angst Rantings From a 24 Year Old.

I'm at school as I type this. The bus is coming in about ten minutes. I sit here thinking about my life and all the events that are occurring. I'm not on meds right now and I must admit that depression seems to be swallowing me right now. I'll be home with Kate soon. That will comfort me, at least a little bit. This day to day humdrum is getting to me. I have two papers due next week. I want to work on projects that I have going, but yet I don't have any desire. I submitted some of my work to the school paper in hopes of getting published. That would be fun, but I just don't know right now. The past, the present, the future. I don't even know what I'm talking about. I need to do another episode of Jackpot and at least get a video blog or something. Don't you just love a nearly 24 year old writing teen angsty shit like this? I know I do. Oh well. I guess I'll just continue fourth and see what lies ahead. Maybe things will change and get better, or the world will end. I'm fine with either or. We're all ready in a spiral so I wouldn't be surprised. Well... I don't know. That's what I got right now. Later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What, Another Update?

Blah, I was planning on having a video blog tonight, but things did not work out right. School's been getting a little tougher but don't expect to not hear from anyone at unreality studios any time soon. Lately I've been piecing together clips I've shot to do a documentary style film. We'll see how that goes. How disappointing, I had a lot to say too. Oh well. If you haven't all ready check out our youtube channel at . I've also been helping Kate with some photography, mainly modelling which I suggest you check out at . No matter the case I have school tomorrow. I'm working on things when I can and as often as I can. If anyone is interesting in joining one of the biggest game/film production studios then give me a shout, I could use some extra help. Hopefully will have a full website soon. As for that video blog, I'll attempt to have it up sometime tomorrow. Along with maybe a short story or two, we'll see. Until later.