Monday, March 28, 2011

RE4 Never Gets OLD!!! Also follow

No matter how many times I take down Dr. Salvador, he keeps coming back and I keep taking him down. God, besides 3 this is the best Resident Evil in the series.

In other news, started my first story, should have the rough draft done sometime tonight. It's a creepypasta as I suspected. I'm liking it so far, still needs work. I have a short story that I'm going to post as well later.

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  1. I love creepypasta, I can't wait to see it man.

  2. Thanks a lot. It's should be delicious and fresh when it comes out. You should check out the blog I follow delicious pasta is delicious.

    Also please be sure to follow my fiancee

    Thanks again!

  3. Cool, thanks for the support! I'll follow you as well. Be sure to check out my fiancee's blog!

  4. I think the only RE I played was the 2nd one...I think... ... starts in a mansion/big house.

  5. I love RE4. One of my favorite games to date.
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  6. Man I bought this game a while ago but lent it to a friend... Now i just want it back. fuuuuuu.....

    nice blog dude :) thanks for checking out my stache blog