Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Start of a Project

So I tried this project once before in a very rough time of my life, but now that my life is more settled this is a project I'm going to work on. Every week I'm going to write a short story. I do have several rules though to make it something of a challenge. First and foremost, the story must be between 500-5000 words. Secondly no fan fiction. Third, every week must be a different genre. Since my forte is horror/creepypasta I can't allow myself to cheat like that. Fourth, the story I upload must be the final draft. I must finish by Saturday 11:59 PM EST. And I can only start on my new story at Sunday at 12:01 AM. Fifth, no continuation. If a story leaves as a cliff hanger it must remain as such, no sequels or to be continued (and it can't be a I didn't finish so this is just a cliff hanger it must work into the plot).

With the rules set I will also note that I will accept requests or story ideas. All content must be original and if I integrate an idea, I will provide credit but the end result will be mine.

And to keep things interesting I'll also post updates on video games I'm developing along with news related to gaming, writing, and news. However the main focus will be on my stories. I'm hoping this project will plan out as set. Also I will be working on NANOWRIMO come November providing a greater challenge. So by this time next year I'll have 52 short stories. I'll also throw in some poems and what not. Well here's hoping for the best. Since it's all ready Wednesday I won't start my first story until Sunday. In the mean time I'll post news on my life and the entertainment world with some political views thrown in. Because you know, it's my blog. I get to do what I want so blah. Any support will be greatly welcome along with critiques. So here we go.

Unreality Productions presents Story a Week! ENJOY!


  1. thanks doing the same, feel free to send me story ideas or concepts or whatever you may please, I'm gonna put my heart and soul into this ^_^

  2. Get crackin' on those stories. Give me something to read!

  3. Will do, like I said, not starting until Sunday, lot going on this week but expect the first one up next Fridayish, in the mean time I'm going to post some other good stuff!

  4. I like the idea of not continuing a story after finishing it. It makes the story a little more valuable, and a little more important. In the world each story exists in, there is only that brief glimpse. What happens after the story? thats for the reader to imagine, the way it should be