Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Short Story in Progress

So just a small update. I've been working on my first story. It's turning out decently enough. With having to contend with work, this is just about the challenge I was expecting especially if I want to have at least a third draft to post. It's just nice that my fiancee is supporting me along with this project and is actually pushing me to work on it. Speaking of which if you haven't checked out her blog yet go! ( http://kuriouserkate.blogspot.com ) However as a treat to followers so they don't have to wait until Saturday for my first short story, here's a comedic short piece I've been working on. It's not completed (it's one of my projects I put on the backburner for this task of 52 short stories). Of course the whole Unreality Studios aspect is not currently going on with this project in hand (but hey if you want to get involved in my studio let me know). That's about it. So without further adeu here is a short story that I'll finish at a later date. Let me know what you guys think!

                The blue skies where obnoxious when he awoke out of his camper. It was all most a tease like the heavens going “Hey humanity, good job down there screwing things up for yourselves, as for us up here we’re just fine!”. He knew someone or thing was mocking him. So he just muttered under his breath “bastards.” It wasn’t that anything was purposefully mocking him as much as humanity just played a terrible practical joke on itself and he was the only one to catch the aftermath of a really dubious trick.
                He sighed heavily wondering why he even woke up. It had been three months since things went to shit. All most literally in fact, since at the time of death people release their bowels. Fortunately there would be all most no one to complain about the stench. Except him. He just lowered his head and thought sporadically about how it would be much better to have died with the rest and had to deal with an eternity of soiled garments instead of being alone for the next couple of decades.
                It was the apocalypse all right. Well would have been if there was some massive biblical war and all of humanity had been either “saved” or wiped out. He just continued cursing at random thoughts such as the fact that what had happened couldn’t have been the apocalypse because then not even he would be left. He then went on to curse at all most everything he came across. He became really talented at “tastefully” displaying his frustration towards the remnants of the earth (seriously after the first month of being the only human left alive things start getting boring and you spend time looking at dictionary for words that sound dirty or they could be used in such a way, remember kids if for no other reason then that, learning is fun). Or at least the society that had fallen.
                So at this point avid reader, you’re probably wondering what happened to the earth. Well if you’re reading this then the good news is that the nukes weren’t launched yet and you’re still alive. The bad news is, well… you’re probably don’t have much longer anyway. Simply, much to the chagrin of me the narrator who is relating to you these facts (where I got them is through my own means, just know this story is true and takes place in the near future), the world did not end in a zombie outbreak. Nor did velociraptors come back to life and start hunting down humans. No aliens, mutants, or even killer penguins. Just a virus. A virus strapped to the back of a nuke. Which automatically puts it in the top ten ways for the world to end. No matter the case, it seems that North Korea, being the crazy bastards they are, decided to test their nuclear armaments. On South Korea. So the US all ready looking for another excuse to deploy more troops and spend money and go into greater debt, inadvertently starts WW3. There’s a slight problem though, it seems the US’s arrogance caused them a little issue with having quite a number of enemies. So now Russia and China are looking to become the new super power while North Korea is somehow going even more batshit insane. Oh yea and then there’s the crazy American right wingers that, because of martial law, start hunting down the only people with some sort of intelligence in America. So that’s right, not only is World War 3 going on but America has another civil war on its hands. So just like any great country, what does the US do? Nuke the shit out of itself (hey kids it is 2012 blame your parents for not re-electing Obama and voting in another backward ass republican).
                That’s not the end of the story though. Some scientists get together and break the human genome. Which took way longer then it should have (just like all other major political and scientific breakthroughs it was delayed by our right wing friends). It turns out that the looney patriots (who where pissed and actually cited treason against the US during the Obama admistration all because they didn’t want their richer counterparts paying an extra dollar in taxes each year to support universal health care and would have bitched and moaned about people not supporting Bush for the Iraq was) were right about America being a dominant race and culture. So dominant in fact that something evolved in Americans that caused a special gene to be present. And no, obesity was not found as a genetic disorder. Strangely enough attraction to midgets and donkeys was found, besides point. So using this incredible data, the scientists (sick of the US’s stupid endeavors along with the rest of the world) created a virus that would attack only Americans. However, the lack of “willing” participants in research of the virus caused a major screw up. Someone forgot to first make it a painless death and two MAKE IT SO ONLY AMERICANS WERE INFECTED. So obviously the guys responsible did the only things that men of their position and stature could. They blamed some else they never met before. After the most severe egging in the history of the world (at this point egging was the only way to deal punishment for severe crimes since every other resource went to the war) the man went into seclusion watching and praying the world would end. If you’ve never been severely egged then you wouldn’t understand this man’s hatred for the world. It was unfortunate for the eggee that the scientists managed to destroy all samples of the virus before strapping it to the back of a nuke and launching it. Since viral research labs are a pain to break into and all most impervious to allowing diseases to escape everyone took a sigh of relief before returning to horrible massacre each other. Of course I wouldn’t be here telling you this grim future unless something terrible had happened. Which, of course it did (since humanity is full of, you know, ASSHOLES). As it would seem there are people who like money, people who like vast amounts of dead people, and people who like a combination of the two, a sample of the virus was scavenged (read: demanded for exchange of not nuking the absolute loving holy mother of fuck out of everything within a 50 mile radius). Someone however failed too mention to the US (er I mean, the terrorists) that the virus would be impervious to damn near everything and wipe out humanity. Unless of course you’re the unluckiest guy in the world who just happened to have the one and only DNA set that would actually prevent the virus from infection (he did get a head cold though) was chilling in his room playing some video games when a very beautiful light was seen in the distance. Now, if he was raised in the cold war era he would have known to hide under his desk (how this would protect your ass from a 50 megatomb bomb and biological warfare, I have no idea), but he didn’t.
                So then to sum it up. America goes FUCK YEA! on everyone’s asses and sends nukes everywhere in the world. I do quite literally mean everywhere. Of course the famous last words spoken before launching the nukes is said to have been “Hey Jeb, I’ve got a good idea!” (we’re assuming massive amounts of whiskey were involved, but honestly that’s something that may never be known). With the US forgetting it’s lack of resistance to the virus and that dropping nukes all over the world is a bad idea, all human life would be wiped out (hey PETA chill, your precious animals are all right, animals are naturally immune to the virus and minus a gerbil who was going into a very dark stinky hole at the time of the nukes landing and a couple of chupacabras (yes they are real, accept it) the animals are ok) minus a poor shmuck who would soon be the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust.
                So that’s the events that are soon to take place in your hometown sometime around the late 2012 (presumably December 22nd if for no other reason then to piss off 2012 end of the world believers). However, you’re here probably wanting to know the events of the man who survived this along with the rest of the world (I’m going to assume you’re not a complete jerk off whose making the bet that you’re the one person whose immune and is going to be the guy who survives, well I’ll have you know two important facts that one his name is Steve and two he didn’t read this ahead of time, hence why he didn’t hide under the desk, and you want to know how to prevent this future from happening, well unless you have a DeLorean and a Time Flux Capacitor your kinda screwed buddy, I mean the Time Flux Capacitor is the easy part but where in the name of fuck are you going to find a DeLorean?).  Well after the blast, Steve needed to first figure out how to quickly cure radiation burns and poisoning (without the internet and Wikipedia he would have been screwed if not for the large amounts of time he had to travel to where Wikipedia’s servers are and connect directly and no we’re fairly certain Wikipedia has little to do with the end of the world even though everyone knows that by the year 2014 it would have been fed so much knowledge that it would have acquired it’s own self awareness and gone all Terminator over everyone’s asses) which he barely successfully accomplished. It was just unfortunate that Steve was left horribly disfigured and was now the last human being on earth (which even though in retrospect he wished he wasn’t at the time because of his horrific disfigurement he was happy that he didn’t have to explain it to his date along with the bad haircut he got hours early, you know what they say “be careful what you wish for” especially when it’s “I wish the world would end so I wouldn’t be completely humiliated with this haircut for my date tonight” who says wishes don’t come true?).

Monday, March 28, 2011

RE4 Never Gets OLD!!! Also follow http://kuriouserkate.blogspot.com/

No matter how many times I take down Dr. Salvador, he keeps coming back and I keep taking him down. God, besides 3 this is the best Resident Evil in the series.

In other news, started my first story, should have the rough draft done sometime tonight. It's a creepypasta as I suspected. I'm liking it so far, still needs work. I have a short story that I'm going to post as well later.

Also if your following me please post in the comments so I can follow you as well. I appreciate the followers I just want  make sure I'm following you back!

Also if you could do me a favor and follow my fiancee on her blog she'll follow you back (and return any various clicking favors that won't be named here for Google terms reasons). It's really cool she's posting her art and modelling pics along with poetry and writing. If you enjoy my blog or sites like deviant art, or just beautiful women, check here's out! Thanks guys!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kuriouser and Kuriouser...

So my fiancee FINALLY got her blog up. Not much yet but she's going to be adding her art and modeling pictures. If your into my blog you will definitely be into hers so please check her out and follow her (she'll do the same for you!) check her out at http://kuriouserkate.blogspot.com/ .

As for me, again working not much more. Stopped at Gamestop picked up 2 PS2 games (while saving for a PS3 for myself and a Wii for my fiancee Kate, chicks dig Nintendo). I lost my collection of games (I had a lot of vintage games) when my parents kicked me out :P.. Anyway got Silent Hill 2 (my favorite series of all time) and Resident Evil 4 (which as awesome as RE5 is, RE4 is still superior haven't played the RE5 downloadable content yet, le sigh). So I have a little amusement when I'm not working on game development, writing, working, and focusing attention of the love of my life (fortunately for me she enjoys watching me play vidja games).

In other news Kate is also working on a logo for Unreality Studios. And I'm checking out the sources that people have left me for development. Sunday definitely spending time with that and starting my first story. I think I'm just going to torrent the stuff I'm working on (because you know everyone uses torrents now, go figure that a peer to peer program that works via downloading from multiple peers would become so popular).

So I'll keep updating and I'll probably have a story up tomorrow that I've been working on for everyone following as a surprise and a gift for people supporting me.

Oh yea one last note if anyone is interested in CPU Coolers let me know because long story short I have a surplus and willing to sell. Definitely willing to cut a deal just comment if your interested. Well until tomorrow guys!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy busy busy

Been working all week at my job. Have not had much time to work on much. Sunday's my one day off and my fiancee and I have plans. Really need to plan better. It sucks that I can't devote as much time to working on games as I want especially with needing to learn the programming. Fortunately the story aspect of this won't be as difficult. I figure my first story will be something I'm comfortable with. So More then likely I'll be writing some creepypasta (short horror story for those who don't know). I'll at least have time for that and I'll be setting up my fiancee's account in the morning we have some model shots and art ready to go for her.

On a side note really wanting a PS3 right now me and her don't have much besides a netbook and a TV. We don't need anything else because we love each other, but we both want one haha. I had one but it was stolen so I'll be working up to save for that. Anyone want to donate to help out with that and/or donate so we can focus more time on working at home?

Speaking of which you should check us out on ebay. We sell memorabilia and PC parts. Our username is kuriouserkate go check us out! http://myworld.ebay.com/kuriouserkate

Thanks for the comments also guys suggestions are awesome but oculd use more resources for programming. No matter the case thanks update soon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Game Maker and Visiual Studio And A New Blog?

Hey guys just a small update. I'll be posting updates of games I'm working on. Currently I'm working with a book on Gamer Maker Pro. I definitely recommend this program to anyone even remotely interested in game development and design. It's a perfect jumping off point and the forums are quite useful. You can get it at http://www.yoyogames.com/make and the book The Game Maker's Apprentice. Both very useful tools. I'm also trying to learn C with Microsoft Visual Studios. I could use some recommendations for learning tools with that. I'll probably set up an account with megaupload or torrent games I'm making (at least demos and the tutorial games). Again if anyone is interested in joining Unreality Studios just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

In other news, my fiancee is starting a blog as well for her art and potentially modeling. When she does I'll post the link to her blog. She is fortunately doing better and we have plans on getting married soon so hurray for us. She's in full support of me and these projects. I could go on about her but I'll wrap it up. So please let me know of any good resources to learn about coding or if your interested in working with me on future projects.

Unreality Studio's First Game

Well right now I'm working on my first game. It's going to be fairly simplistic. I have a massive side project that I'll probably need help on. Right now I'm using Gamer Maker Pro which is really excellent.The UI is very intuitive and at first there's little language needed to learn but it does have it's own language. I'm also learning flash and trying to learn C. I would love to know if anyone out there could give me good sources to better learn this material (the flash and C programming) and I can definitely give links to get Game Maker it is free (the Pro edition costs money but it's definitely worth it). Be expecting the first game shortly, I'll have demos up of the tutorial games I've been making if anyone's interested.

In other news my life is starting to come together a little better. My fiancee is out of the situation she was in and we're planning to get married soon. We're both looking at college in the fall and to get out of this state. If anyone could send support either like I said educational tools to help me learn the coding or could donate money or leave emotional support that would be great. Oh and following me would be nice to I'll do the same for you hahaha. All right guys I'll have some more updates on the game development stuff soon.

Oh and if you're interested in working for my production team just leave a message in the comments!

Need help guys!

Hey followers, first and foremost I want to say thanks to everyone following me! It's greatly appreciated! Can't wait to feed your hungry hopefully non illiterate mouths with some non crappy short stories. Also hoping to entertain you with gaming news. More importantly followers will be among the first to play the games I'm working on and designing before they hit app stores!

However right now I've got a few financial burdens, without getting into it that much my fiancee has run into some problems and I'm working very hard with various lawyers. We're trying to move out of this state and go to school and start our lives anew. If anyone out there will be kind enough to donate money to help us out (any little bit does help) or just leave some words of encouragement it will be greatly appreciated. If you do I'll be sure to award with either 1. A story dedicated to you based on whatever you want or 2. A free copy of any games I'm working on when I'm finished.

If you want to know more about the situation I'm in and why the assistance is necessary I'm more then willing to get into detail in a more private setting but just know things aren't too great and I'm hoping this blog takes off to show my skills as a writer and game maker. And needless to say working a serving job and balancing all these things won't be easy and when school comes around it will be harder. So thank you guys in advance!

Start of a Project

So I tried this project once before in a very rough time of my life, but now that my life is more settled this is a project I'm going to work on. Every week I'm going to write a short story. I do have several rules though to make it something of a challenge. First and foremost, the story must be between 500-5000 words. Secondly no fan fiction. Third, every week must be a different genre. Since my forte is horror/creepypasta I can't allow myself to cheat like that. Fourth, the story I upload must be the final draft. I must finish by Saturday 11:59 PM EST. And I can only start on my new story at Sunday at 12:01 AM. Fifth, no continuation. If a story leaves as a cliff hanger it must remain as such, no sequels or to be continued (and it can't be a I didn't finish so this is just a cliff hanger it must work into the plot).

With the rules set I will also note that I will accept requests or story ideas. All content must be original and if I integrate an idea, I will provide credit but the end result will be mine.

And to keep things interesting I'll also post updates on video games I'm developing along with news related to gaming, writing, and news. However the main focus will be on my stories. I'm hoping this project will plan out as set. Also I will be working on NANOWRIMO come November providing a greater challenge. So by this time next year I'll have 52 short stories. I'll also throw in some poems and what not. Well here's hoping for the best. Since it's all ready Wednesday I won't start my first story until Sunday. In the mean time I'll post news on my life and the entertainment world with some political views thrown in. Because you know, it's my blog. I get to do what I want so blah. Any support will be greatly welcome along with critiques. So here we go.

Unreality Productions presents Story a Week! ENJOY!