Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy busy busy

Been working all week at my job. Have not had much time to work on much. Sunday's my one day off and my fiancee and I have plans. Really need to plan better. It sucks that I can't devote as much time to working on games as I want especially with needing to learn the programming. Fortunately the story aspect of this won't be as difficult. I figure my first story will be something I'm comfortable with. So More then likely I'll be writing some creepypasta (short horror story for those who don't know). I'll at least have time for that and I'll be setting up my fiancee's account in the morning we have some model shots and art ready to go for her.

On a side note really wanting a PS3 right now me and her don't have much besides a netbook and a TV. We don't need anything else because we love each other, but we both want one haha. I had one but it was stolen so I'll be working up to save for that. Anyone want to donate to help out with that and/or donate so we can focus more time on working at home?

Speaking of which you should check us out on ebay. We sell memorabilia and PC parts. Our username is kuriouserkate go check us out!

Thanks for the comments also guys suggestions are awesome but oculd use more resources for programming. No matter the case thanks update soon!


  1. Nice, I'm saving up for a nice gaming rig. At least you have a girl who loves you.

  2. for learning flash i think the best place is newgrounds.

  3. yeah newgrounds is good at it

  4. Thanks for the heads up I was also given a good C reference going to go check those out. I really need to plan this out working full time and starting a game studio is not easy hahaha. Thanks guys!

  5. good coment timthemyth..
    grate blog man..