Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What, Another Update?

Blah, I was planning on having a video blog tonight, but things did not work out right. School's been getting a little tougher but don't expect to not hear from anyone at unreality studios any time soon. Lately I've been piecing together clips I've shot to do a documentary style film. We'll see how that goes. How disappointing, I had a lot to say too. Oh well. If you haven't all ready check out our youtube channel at . I've also been helping Kate with some photography, mainly modelling which I suggest you check out at . No matter the case I have school tomorrow. I'm working on things when I can and as often as I can. If anyone is interesting in joining one of the biggest game/film production studios then give me a shout, I could use some extra help. Hopefully will have a full website soon. As for that video blog, I'll attempt to have it up sometime tomorrow. Along with maybe a short story or two, we'll see. Until later.