Thursday, September 15, 2011


So it's been a while. I'm at a buddy's house that we met at a bright eyes concert. We want to work on movies together. I've started school and money has been tight, but my uncle lent me money until my loan comes in. I'm just worried between Kate and I. I love her, but she's in her "you need to go learn who you are" kick. Not that she's saying she doesn't want to be with me, but it still hurts. I love her so much, I would be willing to do whatever that means, even if it breaks my heart in two. No matter what roads we might take, they all lead back to her and I have faith in that. I am my own person, I just suppose she needs space. Sometimes she wants to get married isntantly other times she puts as much distance as humanly possible between us. Women. I love her and always will. Right now I have a little bit of a vacation but tons of school work to catch up on and the lack of content for the youtube page bothers me. It will all work out in the end I know it. I didn't mean to rant so much. Just wanted to get somethings out. So whatever I suppose. I'm going to have a beer and smoke. Later.

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