Friday, May 20, 2011

Well that's one things off hte list, 999,999,999 more to go.

Oh god has my life been a nightmare (Well if you've been following this blog what more where you expecting me to say at this point?). Fortunately some things are looking on the up and up. I've been extremely busy because I some how managed to become my fiancee's nad future mother-0in-law's web designer. So when I'm not working I'm dumping a lot of time into building two websites. LEt me tell yea, finding which hosting service to use was not easy. Here's what I did though after hours of research .I used Godaddy to register the domain names. Once I successfully finished that I turned around to hostgator to use a shared server service for the sites. With the features I need and the low monthly cost and good customer service, it seemed like the right choice.

There's also the matter of me getting into school. Still deciding whether I'm going to go to a community college to get my AS first or jump right in and go to Full Sail. Hard choice. Then there's the  50 billion other projects I'm working on. I need to relax, but with a limited amount of vidja games at the moment that seems hard. I guess I need to work hard now to relax later. Oh well. Off too do about a billion more things.

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  1. that sounds complicated , hope you get through your 50 billion projects