Friday, May 13, 2011


Well depression is kicking in swiftly. I'm afraid to sleep anymore. Blogger was down last night so I could get through my necessary blog readings and comment posting so sorry about that I'll find time later today to it do. My bank account is overdrawn $43 and I'm trying to get into school but need at minimum $75. Yea I'm bitching about petty finances, but when your a server they don't seem too petty now do they? What really sucks is I have so many good ideas but my mind keeps jumping from one idea to the next, worst pat is I've been lost in such a deep depression I don't even want to play video games. Damnit how much lower can you go then that? Oh well, in other news my other blog will have it's first blog of the week up so go check that out guys. Don't forget to follow and cast your vote for next week. I have some blog reading to do so don't be surprised if you get some comments from me.


  1. sorry about your depression im also a petty amateur photographer check my pics if you like

  2. It's rough man, but just keep goin'. Things get better, as they always say.

  3. I hope you can crawl out of the depression soon, it's a bitch for creativity when you're feeling like that. Keep pushing forward.

  4. I am sorry to hear that you are already that depressed that you don't want to play video games anymore. Although I know that feeling from own experience. The thing you said that you have so many ideas but your mind keeps jumping onto the next one made me remember what I did. Whenever I am lying in bed I start to be thinking about pretty much everything and when I have ideas or anything I just remembered I need to do I wrote it down. I recently started doing this whenever I was thinking about things like that, so I bought myself a thin paperback notebook to be able to write everything down.
    If I was you, I would try to find a cheap notebook thats thin enough to fit in the pockets of your pants. And whenever you think of something you write it down. Now I don't know how many things you think of, but if there aren't too many just try to use a whole page for every thought so in case you think of more things related to this first thought, you just open that old page again and write it down.
    The other way would be to just write everything down right below each other.
    I hope I could at least give you a little hand in getting better with your situation.
    Oh and whenever I am in a sad/bad mood (I wouldn't say that I have ever been depressed) I listen to music, usually something like Swing or Jazz. They just boost up my mood :)