Friday, October 14, 2011

Support for Video Contest and Artist Wanted

So I'm working on a couple projects right now. First and foremost is a video for a contest for school. If I win I get free tuition. My work on the video is all most done and it will be posted on facebook. Voting for it starts on the 24th of this month. So Please make sure to vote for it. I'll give you more details as time goes on. Secondly I'm working on a script for a comic and I need someone to help draw. Preferably manga style. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this please comment and let me know. That's what I got. I'm currently working on yet another short story so we'll see how that goes. Later.


  1. Hey, my name is Ricardo Mendiola, and i would like to help you out with your comic. I draw manga and i could do other forms of art as well, Contact me if you are interested.

  2. Thanks a lot, I'm e-mailing you right now.