Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here I am yet again. Not truly much to type. Been working all most everyday. I have a full length movie I hope to premiere soon. I also have a marketing client. All the projects with Unreality Studios has been put on hold while I try to figure some shit in my life out. Right now I feel more depressed then I have in a long time. I beat Megaman X again and I'm playing through the entire series, all with one question. Why? I enjoy video games, but it's no longer my priority. I wanted to get back into the Pokemon TCG but I frgot how expensive it is and even though I'm going to try and compete, right now money needs to go elsewhere. I also go royally screwed with financial aid. So I guess I'm not starting school this semester. Life is slipping me by. Sometimes the only thing I feel like I have to grasp onto is my fiancee. If not for her... better not too think about it. I just need to figure this all out, then again how different am I in that regard that anyone else? There is an answer right? There's a reason... am I eing a fool by believing that? I can't be, sometimes it's that some glimmer of hope that is what we need to keep us going, but even the strongest thread eventually tears under pressure. I'll be fine after some sleep I guess. Expect some legit updates soon.